Episode 23

Published on:

30th Mar 2021

Caring For Your Aging Parents? The Latest Technologies You Can Start Using Today

Products Mentioned:

Balance & Fall Risk:

Zibrio Smart Scale Bluetooth

Heart Rhythm Detector: 

Alivecor Kardiamobile (Gold standard hands down!)

Apple Watch

Galaxy Watch

Blood Pressure:

Smart Blood Pressure Monitors by Withings (Arm)

Qardio Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm)

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 LTE Smartwatch (Watch)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (Watch)

Diabetes Trackers That Send Data To Doctor:

One Drop: Diabetes Management

Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System 

Bed Exit Technology:

Bed Alarm | Fall Prevention

Wandering Safety | GPS Watches | GPS Tracking | Door Alarms and Motion Sensors (more amazing wandering assistive devices)

Fall Detection With 24/7 Call Center:

MobileHelp® Duo | Best Medical Alert System for Seniors 

GreatCall - Lively Wearable2 Mobile Medical Alert


Medical Guardian

Unali Wear

Fall Call pairs with AppleWatch

Fall Prevention

Peer Well for Rehab

PeerWell for Pre Hab

Brain Training Tools/Stay Sharp:

Brain Exercises, Brain Training, Brain Health – BrainHQ from Posit Science

SharpBrains (Great resource for brain health)


Lumosity Brain Training: Challenge & Improve Your Mind

Social Engagement:


Facebook groups






Alexa pairs with Constant Companion for communication








Aloe Care: Digital Assistant for Independent Living

Phones For Seniors: 

Greatcall Jitterbug

Hearing Aids:










As we get older, taking care of our own health and wellness becomes a greater focus for us.

Have you heard about the sandwich generation?

Well… that’s what we call the adults who are sandwiched between taking care of their children as well as the increased demands of care for their older parents. This scenario adds a lot of stress in so many of our lives.

When we’re providing care from a distance, so many complications come from not being under the same roof. There’s always a struggle to make sure they are taken care of, and that we have ways to monitor their health from afar. And our greatest concern is always...are they safe? 

Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen technology advancements soar. And now we’re seeing some revolutionary advancements in senior care and remote caregiving. So many of which are making it easier to stay in communication and monitor the things that are most important.

What are some of the devices and brands that are on the leading edge of enhancing senior care? Here are just a few of the things we cover in this episode:

  • Fall detection 
  • Social connectivity to family and friends
  • Healthcare monitoring
  • Voice technology
  • On-the-go safety
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s aids
  • Memory care tools
  • Hearing loss
  • Assistance with daily activities
  • Monitoring health changes over time

We invited tech industry thought leader, speaker, and elder care advocate, Laurie Orlov from Aging in Place Technology Watch to give us a curated roundup of the best remote caregiving resources, technologies, and tools in 5 key categories, and why they are such huge game-changers for eldercare. 

Guest Bio 

Laurie Orlov is a tech industry veteran, thought leader, writer, speaker, and elder care advocate. She is the founder of Aging and Health Technology Watch - market research, trends, blogs and reports that provide thought leadership, analysis and guidance about health and aging-related technologies and services that enable boomers and seniors to sustain and improve their quality of life. Laurie has spoken regularly and delivered keynote speeches at forums, industry consortia, conferences, and symposia, most recently on the business of technology for boomers and seniors. She advises large organizations as well as non-profits and entrepreneurs about trends and opportunities in the age-related technology market.

To learn more visit https://www.ageinplacetech.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurieorlov

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