Episode 2

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27th Oct 2020

The Startling Truths Behind the #1 Silent Killer of Women w/Dr. Dave Albert

Heart disease is the biggest cause of death in women, but until recently it wasn’t the most widely known or discussed risk factor. Our heart health has been underappreciated, dismissed, misdiagnosed and under-treated for too long, and now it’s time for it to become a top priority and concern in our personal Me-Care. 

By building our awareness around heart disease and taking the necessary preventive measures, we can rewrite the future of women’s health in a huge way. 

What are the leading contributors to heart disease and why does age play a significant role? 

How does technology empower us as patients and improve our outcomes?

What are some of the ways women can be empowered to become active participants in our own heart health? 

In this episode, I’m joined by one of health technology’s most notable pioneers, Dr. Dave Albert. As a physician, inventor, serial entrepreneur and developer of life-saving technologies, he is playing a huge role in the realm of women’s cardiology. We discuss why women’s heart health is an urgent matter, and the heart health innovation that’s changing and saving lives. 

3 Things We Learned From This Episode

The underlying cause of heart attacks and strokes 

A heart attack happens when a blood clot stops the blood flow that carries oxygen to the heart. A stroke is a blood clot that stops the delivery of oxygen to the brain. Our bodies need oxygen to function and even seconds of deprivation can cause a catastrophic cardiological event. 

Heart health is vitally important for women, especially women of color

Even with huge improvements in the diagnosis and prevention of heart disease, there are still disparities in the level of healthcare available to women. Socio-economic factors contribute greatly to the level of care received, with women of color far more likely to suffer with poorer access, inferior service and higher death rates.

Why technology is so pivotal in improving the patient outcome and experience 

When people have valuable health data and technology at their fingertips, it empowers us by making us active participants in our own health and care. It takes us from just following orders to an important part of the observation and decision making process.

Guest Bio 

David E. Albert, MD, an Oklahoma native, is a physician, inventor and serial entrepreneur who has developed life-saving technologies and products over the last 30 years, turning a number of those innovations into tech startups. Today, he is a founder of three technology companies, InnovAlarm, Lifetone Technology, and AliveCor. His previous startups include Corazonix Corp (sold to Arrhythmia Research Technology) and Data Critical (sold to GE). Dr. Albert left GE in 2004 as Chief Scientist of GE Cardiology to disrupt several new markets.

His latest invention, AliveCor’s KardiaMobile personal ECG technology, became a global sensation via a YouTube Video in January 2011 around the Consumer Electronics Show and was featured on ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox News among many other media outlets. Dr. Albert has 32 issued US patents, a large number pending and several new “secret inventions” in development. He has authored or co-authored over 50 scientific abstracts and publications, principally in the cardiology literature. Dr. Albert has lectured at the Entrepreneurship programs at the MIT Sloan School and the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Albert graduated with Honors from Harvard College and from Duke University Medical School. 

For more information, visit https://www.alivecor.com/, follow @drdave01 on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn

Products Mentioned 

Visit omronhealthcare.com to purchase the Alivecor Kardia Mobile. (Hover over products, then select EKG).

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