Episode 5

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3rd Nov 2020

The Truth About Gut Health and Poop for Women Over 40 w/Sarah Greenfield

When it comes to health and wellness, it’s tempting to focus on what we see in the mirror, and use topical products and quick-fix treatments to address an external concern. 

The truth is, what we see on the outside is a reflection of our internal health. An imbalance or issue isn’t just a symptom that needs to be managed, but rather a deeper root cause that needs to be solved. 

This is especially true for our gut health. 

A healthy body starts with a healthy gut, and when our gut health isn’t in check, it affects everything from our diet to our skin. If we want to create long-term, sustainable wellness, we have to focus on balancing our gut. 

What are some of the telltale signs of a gut imbalance? How do we know if we have gaps in our nutrition? What digestive changes take place as we get older, and how can we address them? In this episode, I’m joined by functional dietitian, Sarah Greenfield. She shares why optimizing our gut health is the biggest game changer in wellness and anti-aging. 

3 Things We Learned From This Episode

Traditional medicine vs. functional medicine 

Functional medicine is an exploration of root cause instead of the traditional approach of lining up symptoms with a specific disease and managing symptoms using medication. Functional medicine focuses on listening to the body, and optimizing wellness by getting to the root of the issue the patient is facing.  

How to identify gut health issues 

Taking a surface-based approach to health doesn’t give us the full picture. What we see on the surface is actually an expression of our gut health. Our gut health and our poop give us a way to understand our bodies and what is and isn’t functioning. Issues like skin rashes, inflammation, rapid aging, and dark circles under our eyes are signs of deeper issues in the gut. 

How trendy fad diets impact our gut health 

Most fad diets only work in the short-term but can also cause their own set of health issues. Be careful of diets that eliminate large food groups for a long period of time because we end up creating an imbalance which can feed inflammatory bacteria and compromise gut health.

Guest Bio 

Sarah Greenfield is a functional dietitian and founder of Fearless Fig. She is a gut health expert, poop aficionado and helps find personalized solutions for ambitious women ready to improve their digestion, decrease bloating and poop like a champ! Sarah has been featured on Buzzfeed, Men’s Health, Self, and gave a TedX Talk all about poop!

Visit https://www.fearlessfig.com for more information and get Sarah’s Ultimate Poop Guide here.

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